Silikonform Epoxy Resin

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Silikonform Epoxy Resin

Storlek: 500g

Gjut din egna form som du kan använda om och om igen!



Enkel att använda –  inga special verktyg eller kunskap krävs.
Hög elastisk styrka och böjbar, vilket gör att du även enkelt får loss komplicerade former.
Bra kemisk resistens mot ex. styrene och polyurethan.
Lättflytande och formar sig enkelt efter din mall.

Blandningsförhållande  100 -5 på vikt.

ex. 100 g Silkon – 5 g katalysator.

Mät gärna Katalysatorn med doseringsspruta. Klicka här! 

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Silikonform Epoxy Resin

Compatibility Information – Dos and Don’ts

Although by no means an exhaustive list, the mould materials, pigments and additives listed below have all been tested and are known to work well with AS40 Addition Cure Silicone.

  • Compatible Moulds
  • Almost all Plastic moulds
  • Metal moulds
  • Condensation Cure Silicone moulds with a release agent
  • Compatible Pigments
  • RTV Silicone Colour Pigment (for vivid opaque colours)
  • Translucent Tinting Pigment (for less vivid opaque colours)

Key Processing Information

  • Ease of Use
  • Suitable for professional and hobby use (follow SDS advice).
    • Odour/b>
  • CS25 is almost odourless.
    • Safety Precautions/b>
  • Wear gloves and goggles and work in a well ventilated area. Always read the SDS before use.
    • >Ambient Conditions/b>
  • Can be used from 10 to 30°C although pot-life and cure time will be affected significantly.
    • Degassing/b>
  • Although CS25 will self degas, we recommend degassing for the best results.
    • Mix RatioMix silicone and Catalyst 100:5 by weight. Use digital scales.
    • Mixing/b>
  • Mix thoroughly by hand for at around 2 minutes.
    • Pot-Life/b>
  • 60-90 Minutes. Be sure to pour your casting(s) before this time.
    • Cure Time/Demould/b>
  • Demould Time 24 Hours @ 25°C


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